Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mogadishu by night

My last day in Mogadishu couldnt be better than a ride at night across the white-washed seaside city to sample what it has to offer before I momentarily leave the city for an international assignment.

It was reassuring to see police checkpoints at all intersections in Mogadishu thst required pedestrians to stop, unwind their car windows and put lights on so that all passengers are seen and in some cases they'd ask you to open your car boot for security check.

I found the armed security personnel manning the various government checkpoints to be alert and respective except one big checkpoint on your way to the airport which is manned by intelligence officers who are at times rude to pedestrians and at times seen pointing the gun at people without any cause of alarm.

Apart from that little hitch up, the streets of Mogadishu are well lit at night by street lights allowing businesses to open until late as residents go about shopping in the much cooler evenings as others sat outside coffee shops sipping capuchino and tea as they engaged in lively chit chats.

Unlike other major capitals in the world, crime is not rampant in Mogadishu unless of course the militants suicide bombing attacks which has also drastically reduced thanks largely to the war weary residents closely cooperating with security agencies by reporting any suspicious characters.

I cannot imagine how Mogadishu will ultimately look like with permanent peace and no fear of militant attack.

It's long past midnight now and I have to rest because I have an early morning flight tomorrow to catch before leaving Mogadishu or Xamar Cadey! the local name for this wonderful old city overlooking the Indian Ocean.