Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Students perish again?

Three girls studying business administration at Simad Institute in Mogadishu died late on Tuesday after a roadside bomb planted by Al-Shabab went off killing them as well as other bystanders. The latest attack targeting civilians come's barely a week after two Al-Shabab suicide bombers stomed the Muna hotel and assasinated 35 people including 4 lawmakers. The 3 girls we driving in their college van when the attack occured. Two other public busses plying the same route also lost civilians as a result of the cowardly blast. This reminds me of the Shamow blast where the first ever medical graduates were simply waisted by A-Shabab. What I just want to know is until when will our students be perishing in the hands of these blood-letting gangs who seems to have no clue of what they are doing: This isn't Islam, someone should tell them please.