Thursday, June 30, 2011

Xamar Cadey...I Long For Your Peace!

June 1st is Somalia’s 51st independence anniversary. I wish I was in Mogadishu to witness the funfair as Somalis celebrate their independence. I hope to at least feel at home by attending the celebrations at the Somali embassy in Nairobi later this evening.

I have lived in at least 10 cities in East Africa but I have never seen a city as Mogadishu. Its simplicity, cheap constant supply of sweet fruits, fresh milk and meat and above all its cool evening breeze makes it stand out among the many cities I have ever lived or visited making me long for its peace and my return to a place close to my heart.

Every time I land at the picturesque seaside international airport, I simply long for the old good days when I used to stroll in the sandy beaches of Mogadishu. I remember the beach football we used to play and the great barbeques we enjoyed when the city was peaceful.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I feel Mogadishu is much safer than Nairobi where I live with my family. Of course many people can never believe me but just sample the below and maybe I can convince you.

Unlike major cities across the globe where crimes are so high, in Mogadishu, you will certainly never fear of being mugged or violently robbed as is the case in Nairobi, although I have never experienced such horrendous encounters with the “wagondi”, a Nairobi slung for thugs.

You can also confidently walk with a million dollars in Mogadishu without fear of violently robbed in daylight. This stems out of cultural and Islamic practices meaning robbery cases are very few if none at all.

Life in general is also much cheaper in Mogadishu compared to many capital cities in the world. A whole beach house villa goes for $500 a month in rent! Where can you get such a cheap pleasure surely? Food prices are also very low thanks again to Islamic practices that outlaw hoarding or expecting a 100 percent profit. This helps keep prices of everything affordable to almost everyone.

I can never certainly summarize what Mogadishu has to offer unless you personally experience it.

If you have any reservations wait until I officially launch my tour company Soomal tours that will offer an unbeatable opportunity of touring Somalia and Mogadishu in particular with a promise of a full refund of your costs if you do not fall in love with Mogadishu.

Until then, ciao, and may Mogadishu and Somalia finally get lasting peace.