Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Al-Shabaab strikes again, killing innocent civilians.

Mogadishu, October 4 - An Al-Shabaab suicide bomber driving a truck laden with explosives and petrol exploded at a government premise housing several ministries in the busy K4 area of Mogadishu killing scores of people and injuring nearly a hundred others.

The explosion occurred around mid morning at a time when traffic is heavy at a road opposite the targeted government premise housing several ministries including offices for the Higher education ministry where students and their parents were waiting for their examination results for scholarships offered by the Turkish government.

This is another brazen attack by Al-Shabaab, who had the audacity to claim responsibility of killing innocent children, women and men. The attack was expected, since when Al-Shabaab forces withdrew from most of their positions in the various frontlines in Mogadishu.

One Mogadishu resident was survived the attack could not understand what Al-Shabaab hopes to gain from such a cowardly attack against civilians.

"I was less than 100 meters from the attacked position. The intensity of the attacked pushed me to a wall. The scene was all bloody with limbs and body parts everywhere. What I don't understand is what these terrorist hope to gain by killing their own brothers, sisters and mothers. Whatever their intention, they should know that we will never forget this heinous attack. They are our enemies," Bule Abdi said, still disturbed by the bloody attack.

The government later issued a statement saying 15 people died and 20 wounded. Meanwhile Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility of the attack.

Today's attacked comes after nearly a month of clam in Mogadishu,, where gun are conspicuously silent following the Al-Shabaab withdrawal in August.