Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moment of truth

No matter how many children you have been blessed, the feeling that comes with the imminent arrival of another newborn is always is like no other. Having personally been blessed with two gorgeous baby girls, my wife is in labour same as myself from the mixed emotions and joy of waiting to see my third children. I took my wife eight hours ago to hospital but unfortunately was denied the pleasure of seeing her through the excruciating labour pains due to the said hospital's regulations of not allowing partners and family to be with the mother. Even though am miles away, I have barely closed my eyes from a mixed feeling of concern and excitement like never before. As I write this note, I can't wait for daybreak to rush to the maternity ward in anticipation of hopefully seeing our the newest member of my nuclear family. My excitement is growing bigger and bigger as the night crawls away waiting for that everlasting and beautiful moment every father goes through whenever his partner gives birth.