Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Militants attack Somalia Presidential palace in Mogadishu again

Over 10 heavily armed Al-Shabaab militants disguised as Somalia military officer driving a pickup technical drove into the Presidential palace in Mogadishu immediately after the call of the evening prayers roared across Mogadishu to symbolize the breaking of the Ramadan fast and immediately opened fire at guards who were busy eating or breaking their fast!

This is the second time this year for such a brazen attack on the highest office in Somalia after Al-Shabaab attacked the same villa Somalia Presidential palace in February.

A security source inside Villa Somalia confirmed the incident and said the attackers included militants with suicide vests wrapped around their waists who exploded themselves during the siege which lasted for almost an hour. He said at least 13 militants were killed and that the "real" Somalia military forces have managed to end the siege after bravely fighting off the attackers who hid in one of the buildings.

The latest news shocked many locals in the Horn of African country and is likely to increase suspicion among its war weary residents raising many questions at the state of security management in the volatile country struggling to shed off years of conflict.

The attack comes at a time when the capital city is experience a boom in construction and businesses as thousands of Somali returnees from the diaspora return to pick up pieces and rebuild their shuttered homes.

Despite occurrence of such attacks, Mogadishu is witnessing an unprecedented growth and development with new tarmacked roads, streetlights and exotic restaurants and coffee shops popping up all over the city that is open until late serving locals who move around at night after breaking their Ramadan fasts to enjoy the cooler night breeze in seaside Mogadishu.