Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Muslims shield Christians in the face of death - Mandera's bravery revelation.

I have been dormant for sometime after recently changing jobs. Well, this is to break the ice and lull in doing what I like to do, write, so expect much more from this space!

Back to our story and its eye catching title, Muslims shield Christians in the face of death - Mandera's bravery revelation. Your guess is as good as mine. I smiled, yes, as weird as you might think when I first read about what transpired on Monday in a remote area of the restive North-eastern Kenya bordering Somalia.

Al-Kabaab militants sprayed bullets on a Makkah bus headed to Mandera town from the Kenyan capital Nairobi, precisely between Kotilo and El-Wak villages. However that was not the news that brought satisfaction among all those who heard about this tragic incident that unfortunately claimed two innocent lives.

Coincidentally, Makkah is Islam's holiest city in Saudi Arabia. The bus where this miracle survival took place is also called Makkah Bus Service!

However, the story is not in the attack but rather the real story was in the reaction of the majority Muslim commuters on the bus who came to the rescue of the minority Christians travelling alongside them.

When the heavily armed Al-Kabaab militants stormed into the bus the Muslims passengers were ready to die while defending the few Christians on-board. First, they gave them Muslim attires to wear and later on when the militants sought to segregate Muslims from Christians in order to cold-bloodedly kill the Christians as they have done in the past in Kenya, to be precise in Mandera, Mpeketoni, Nairobi and Garissa. But that was not the case this time after Muslim passengers dismissed them and defied their order.

What a beautiful thing to do! I have no words to describe this rare, wonderful, kind, brave, honest and love depicted by helpless people overpowered by evil but who did not despair or loose hope but instead stood their ground to say no even with guns pointed at their heads.

"This time round the notorious Al-Kabaab gang loathed by many in this part of the world for their cruelty and complete disregard of shame, faith or reason were in for a rude shock! Muslims on the bus defied their order to flush out Christians amongst their midst even at the face of death leaving the gun tooting Al-Kabaab vagabonds in limbo and total bewilderment," You can quote me on that!

They could not believe the Muslims defying their order while still urging them to kill them first. This unprecedented move was not only share bravery unheard of but was also a wake up call for those naysayers who were always quick to jump into conclusions when these savages calling themselves Al-Kabaab, who mind you do not represent true Islam, go about their murderous acts of killing in the name of religion because they hide behind the veil of Islam, which coincidentally means peace.

What our wonderful Muslim brothers did in the face of adversity to refuse to sell out their Christians brothers and sisters needs to be applauded and imitated by all other true Muslims because it will simply render the bad intentions and madness of the few blood letting losers like Al-Kabaab, useless. This is will kill them because this goes against the whole reason why they are going into their killing spree targeting Christians which is intended to solely create mistrust among Muslims and Christians.

For those who bought into the cheap propaganda of these murderous thugs like Al-Kabaab, believing that Islam is at war with Christianity, then this rare act of bravery by our Muslim brothers and sisters on the attacked bus who stood against injustice, is proof enough that Islam does not condone violence or hatred and that true Islam has nothing in common with terrorism because it is a peaceful religion maligned by these freelancers whose masters are unknown!

Can we please salute these brave Muslims men and women, who defended humanity, defended justice and defended true Islam in the face of adversity.

Peace, salam, nabad!