Sunday, June 16, 2013

Balotelli, the black player Italians love to hate

He is a young footballer, who is rich and a real black talent and for your information is Italian by nationality. His name is Mario Balotelli. As if he knows how Italians are naturally so proud, Balotelli knows how to work them up whenever he downs the blue Azzuri colors of the Italian national team jersey.

Balotelli on Sunday June 16 scored Italy's winning goal against Mexico in the 2013 Confederations cup hosted by Brazil. Straight away after scoring an opportunistic goal, the young Balotelli jerked off his shirt as if passing a message to his Italian team mates as well as the thousands of rowdy Italian fans who thronged the famous Maracana stadium in Rio De Janeiro to watch the game.

Racism has dogged international football despite tough sanctions and actions from the world football body FIFA. Looking at how Balotelli is suddenly the darling of Italians for his exquisite touches and his goal-poaching African instincts it would have been ideal for the hot-headed Ghanian born AC Milan forward to be used as a living example of how racism has no place in today's world soccer.

Whether they like him or not, Balotelli is a black player Italians would love to hate but cannot dare simply because of his unique contribution to their team and his big ego that somehow matches their own pride. I love the way God balances everything!