Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nigeria whoops Tahiti for six goals

With all due respect, Tahiti is famous for its participation in the miss world pageant with their exotic beauties than in football as indicated in a recent football match at the ongoing Confederations Cup in Brazil when the heavily built Nigerian Super Eagles whooped them for six goals.

As an ardent soccer fan, my skepticism was proved right when I saw the African Champions Nigeria pitted against the lowly Tahitians, a small south Pacific island famous for its coconuts, exotic beaches and world-beating beauties rather than football.

I could no longer take the beating on behalf of the Tahitians, and just before halftime I went to bed with a scoreboard of 3 – 0 in favor of the Super Eagles of Nigerian.

In the morning, when I saw the game had ended with 6-1 score it was no longer a shocker to me!

None the less, Tahiti’s team of amateurs made history by scoring a goal against the Nigerians in a Confederations Cup tournament. Ranked 138 in the world, Tahiti become the first country in the Oceania region, other than Australian and New Zealand, to lift the Oceania Nations cup last June.

I am sure football can no longer be exciting for the French-speaking Tahitian's come their next game against World and European Champions Spain on Thursday. Football is an unpredictable game but come what may I will definitely not bet on our friends from Tahiti winning against the silky and much fancied Spanish team with the likes of Cesc FaBULOUS and Andres Iniesta in their ranks!