Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mending Somalia's fabric: Is the jigsaw shaping up?

There is always a time for everything in this world, in Somalia there was a time when war or killing each other might have been the order of the day but it is no longer the case these days as the strategic Horn of African country continues on a road to recovery and development.

A good case to study in Somalia is the lucrative southern port city of Kismayu. Until recently it was the most contested and fought over city in Somalia largely due to its modern sea port, fertile hinterland that is good for agricultural productivity ans blessed with all season pasture in a country whose main economic activity remains to be pastrolism deeply anchored in its nomadic culture.

Just three years after the liberation of Kismayu from the much loathed Alqaeda linked militants Al-Shabaab, locals there seems to have found a coexistence formula to share power in a civilized manner through consensus, mutual understanding and agreement contrary to their old ways of defeating each other by the barren of a gun.

The recent inauguration of the Interim Juba Administration parliament and swearing in of a parliamentary speaker is a major milestone towards the revival of Somalia and a step in the right direction towards not only realizing peace and stability but getting the Somalia jigsaw puzzle together.

Just like a painting during its sketching period, it might be hard for us to notice Somalia shaping up but if you look carefully I think we are unknowingly busy sketching it via the Federal State formation process as stipulated in the constitution. We now have Jubaland, Puntland, Interim South West Aministration with the Central State of Somalia in the pipeline. Two more regions, Hiiran and Middle Shabele are expected to also join to form a State.

Once all the States are formed, it will be much more easier to administer the entire country throughly devolution and joint cooperations between the various States and the National Government. The Somalis must support ongoing efforts to revive back their nationhood.

I know there are so many problems with many people or even communities feeling left out but what Somalis must never forget is that a weak government is better than no government. This is why it is important for all Somalis to work together and agree to make concessions for the sake of peace, which as we all know is precious and has no value.