Monday, May 4, 2015

Somalia's Spy Chief orders use of new name for militants.

Mogadishu, May 03 - "From now onwards we do not want to hear the media using the name Al-Shabaab which is a good name meaning youth because that name and their actions do not correspond, the government has decided from now onwards the group will be referred to as UGUS which stands for Ururka Guumadka Ummada Soomaaliyed", loosely translated in English as Organization for the Annihilation of the Somali Community, Somalia's Spy Chief General Abdirahman Mohamed Tuuryare said during celebrations to mark World Freedom of Press Day in the capital Mogadishu.

Me think this is exactly what the blood-letting militants ought to be referred to. So what? That is who they are and its a perfect description of their horrible actions.

However, this is the catch. Renaming the militants, I believe, would not be as easy as selling it to the media and worse off by threatening journalists with arrest should they refuse to comply.

In my opinion such sensitive PR issues need strategic communications, which is what the government needs to do by going back to the drawing board and come up with a good communication plan on how the name UGUS will stick to the militants but not by enforcement.

The Spy Chief General Tuuryare went ahead to explain why the government thinks this new name suits the militants. He said the group is best known for massacring innocent people in Somalia, which is a reality, and hence the new name UGUS.

What really worried me was his admission that the government was aware the militants alias UGUS actually infects their new recruits with the deadly HIV Aids virus before they brainwash them slowly until finally convincing them that instead of dying with AIDS and going to hell they are better off to blow themselves up with a free ticket straight to heaven!

Talk of the creepiest propaganda machine by the militants alias UGUS laced with deception of the highest degree.

If indeed this turns out to be true then we have a crises at hand. No wonder the militants alias UGUS always claim they have so many suicide bombers in line ready to go to heaven! Imagine having all those HIV positive would-be suicide bombers ready to grab the next flight to heaven! what a prank the group pulls off on this clueless young boys!

Gen. Tuuryare said the government considers the militants alias UGUS as a diseases which affects those who join it. He said unlike normal diseases where someone is required to go to a doctor, in the case of UGUS victims their doctors are Somalia government security forces who after arresting them take them to jail instead of a hospital. He said the government has to immunize its people against this deadly disease called UGUS which is out to completely wipe out the Somali race!

The Spy master urged the media to take side with their government and people against a group that has declared a total wipe out of the Somali people including the media because it is the same group that assassinates journalists and continues to do so to date.

Last year 5 journalists were murdered in cold blood by the militants in Somalia. So far this year one journalist in the agricultural rich city of Baidoa has already been murdered by UGUS together with his wife in bed as they were deep in their sleep in the wee hours of the night.

It is yet to be seen whether the media will abide by these new government regulations which is a high tech aerial battle of the airwaves with the militants who seem to have perfected the use of social media which is believed to be their biggest source of recruitment where they easily prey on their victims especially among disillusioned Diaspora youths facing an identity crises from the culture shock of being brought and raised in a far flung country away from the ideals or morals of the Somali culture which however primitive it might sound compared to Western cultures subdues youngsters and instills discipline and respect especially among his old peers and parents.

Otherwise, how do you explain a privileged Somali youth in the diaspora who has better opportunities and more importantly a safe and conducive environment to somehow brainwashed to blow himself up!

It just doesn't add up, I cant get it?